Graphic design and branding to help you Visually set apart your business.

Design is a powerful way to visually communicate your brand story. You probably already know this, but as a business owner, aren’t able to do everything you need for your brand. I work alongside of you in bringing your visual story to life so you can focus on what you do best in your business.



Mara Dawn is an independent design studio led by Art Director and Graphic Designer, Mara* Dawn Dockery. I specialize in graphic design, with a focus on branding. I believe that brands can bring about positive change. And, I’m passionate about designing for them.

I worked as an Art Director at ad agencies for a number of years. Working for large national/global brands left me feeling burned out. I longed for more of a personal connection with the brands—and people—I work with. An urge for both greater creative fulfillment and a more considered pace of work/life compelled me to go my own way and start my own design studio.

What is the meaning of the name, Mara Dawn? Uniqueness, strength, and light. Yes, Mara Dawn is part of my name. People often comment about how uncommon the name Mara is. It means many things, but one of them is strength. Dawn is the first break of light.

*(Not sure how to say it? Mara is pronounced: M-air-ah. It conveniently rhymes with Sara)


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"We've asked a lot of Mara over the past year working together. She has designed wireframes, icons, and other assets for our mobile apps. She's put together beautiful newsletters, printables, and other visual tools for our website readers to enjoy. And recently she really saved us when she put together multiple looks for our cookbook cover—something we were really wrestling with alongside our publisher. She's easy to work with and her designs are amazing. But I hesitate to recommend her too strongly simply because we'd like to keep her all to ourselves if possible."

-Emma Chapman, co-owner of A Beautiful Mess & A Color Story


"Mara blew us out of the water with her brilliantly designed logo for our brand. She shared with us several options to choose from during the concepting stage which made it obvious that she had taken a great deal of care to craft not only a logo but a visual identity for our brand. We ended up with a beautiful logo that quickly communicates our values, theme, and aesthetic to our audience, which has been so invaluable. We get compliments on the logo all the time! We are so thankful for her hard work, dedication to our mission, and talent to be able to bring that mission to life in a visual way." 

-Michelle Houghton, co-founder of The Bravery Board


Profile photo credits: Katie Day and Karen Kristian