5/52: Backyard Adventures

Our backyard is really quite boring. There's a lot of mud, a little grass and sticks and leaves everywhere. But, to this boy, it's the most amazing place ever. On this particular day, Alder had been begging to go outside most of the afternoon. Despite the 20 degree temperature, we finally relented and bundled everyone up and headed outdoors for some backyard adventures. The cold is unfortunate, but it's cute to see how excited he is to do something as simple as go outside. Also, pom poms on kiddo hats (and on baby booties) make my ovaries twinge. Oh my.

Side note: any experienced mamas out there have any tips for keeping mittens on? He pulls his off within a minute of being outside.

A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014. This post is part of The 52 Project