5 Month Baby Bump

If I've learned anything about motherhood, it's that just about every cliché you hear is annoyingly true. I'm currently embracing that common mom knowledge that the pregnancy goes so much faster the second time around. As a case in point, reference the above photo. I'm actually six months pregnant at the moment, but I'm just now getting around to posting this five month photo. Keeping up with a crazy energetic toddler while I have crazy-low energy levels due to pregnancy makes the days/weeks/months pass by incredibly fast.

The other mom saying I've been embracing is the saying about the second children getting less than the first. With my first, I dutifully took photos every two weeks of my growing belly in the same outfit, complete with props to reference the season of the year we were currently in. Now, I can hardly get it together to come up with a decent photo once a month. However, I promised myself and this baby bean that I'd at least document the growth every so often, so here is my best effort to keep up. Also, here is a look back at the four month bump.