A time change survival kit

As I glanced at my flannel sheets while climbing in bed the other night, a post about the time change popped in my head. I'm pretty sure my husband is sick and tired of me professing my undying love to our flannel sheets. But, seriously, sometimes the enjoyment of simple pleasures is just what you need to smooth over a less-than-ideal (time change) situation.

The reduced daylight typically messes quite a bit with my mood each year. I thought I'd share some of the comforting things I've been turning to lately to help cope with the colder and darker days.

BEANIES-Give me all the warm hats, especially the pink ones. This one from & Other Stories might be making an appearance on my holiday wish list.

MAZAMA MUGS-My husband and I both got one of their large mugs as birthday gifts, and now we hardly drink out of anything else. They're incredibly well-crafted and feel beautiful in your hand. Is that a weird thing to say about a mug? I collect mugs. I can say those things. I love to fill it with passion tea. I wish I could say I'm fancy and had a beautifully fragrant artisan loose leaf tea to recommend, but nope. I'm a sucker for simple, sweet and fruity.

CAMP SOCKS and SMARTWOOL SOCKS-It's weird how a simple pair of cozy socks can make everything alright. I can't choose just one pair.

MOON NIGHT LIGHT-We actually bought this for my son. However, I think the soft glow of light it emits is more comforting for me than for him.

FLANNEL SHEETS-I'm not normally a big L.L. Bean shopper, but these sheets have made me a complete fangirl.

WICKED GOOD MOCCASINS-Yes, they are sort of expensive for slippers, but they've lasted longer than any other pair I've ever owned. They are warm and cozy, yet crazy durable.

COMFY PANTS One of the main perks of it getting dark earlier is that I feel fully justified to get into comfy pants/pjs at an earlier hour. I eagerly await 6pm.

A FUNNY BOOK-Like the rest of the female internet, my flannel sheets and I have been getting cozy with Lena's book lately. It's a great distraction.

BADGER LIP AND BODY BALM-I feel like it's utterly ridiculous that my lips are already chapped this early in cold weather season. The only thing I've found that's been helping is this lip balm tin by Badger. Side note: if someone could please explain to me what the crazy badger on the tin is doing, I'd really appreciate it.