August in Photos

August was a quieter month that July. I captured a few of the highlights, but there were a lot of moments spent working and catching up on design projects. This is why my blog has been a little quiet the past week or so. When it rains, it rains some more. 1-New porch lights, finally! There have been more than a few drinks consumed out there in the evening glow. It's a bit magical. 2-Porch play and a pretty (boy) dog. 3-I went to lunch with my friend and former co-worker Des, and she gave our family these gifts for no special occasion. I swear she is the nicer, sweeter, Canadian version of Martha Stewart. 4-I love documenting hand painted typography and signage, especially the old, peeling kind. 5 & 6-Brunch and good conversations with some of my favorite friends.

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