December in Photos

I know you all are probably well on your way into 2014, but reminisce with me for a moment. I'm just returning from a bit of a blogging vacation and am playing catch up on the blog and work in general. If I'm being honest, I wasn't too great about taking pictures in December with sickness, a full workload and the general holiday madness, but I'm telling myself that's alright. I did manage to get a few photos from a particularly cold and snowy day in December. It was the boy's first experience with a large amount of snow. He loved it for only about five minutes before he realized it was freezing and that he couldn't quite run in it. Although it may have been short-lived, I love the moments of firsts like these. It's so amazing to see someone experience something they've never known before. It reminds me that things I view as mundane can be things of wonder to someone else.

This will be the last post in my monthly series of photos. I'm retiring this series in order to start a new photo project for 2014, which I'm excited to start sharing soon.

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