Eight Months of Alder

It's amazing how much trouble someone so tiny can get himself into. As he became much more mobile this month, we found ourselves scrambling to babyproof. We also walked in to find him pulling up on his crib, which meant we had to drop the crib to the lower level. I found myself sad and sentimental about this event. It's just a crib, right? Still, I was sad that he was growing so quickly and was no longer a tightly swaddled little baby sleeping (umm…somewhat) peacefully and is instead now a wriggling, always moving, mischievous little boy. Sometimes, I wish I could slow down time. I'm sure every mom thinks that at one point or another. However, seeing his personality come through with smiles and giggles and attitude makes up for it. Oh, and the bottom two teeth. Those are pretty great too.

Also, if you're just tuning in, I'm playing catch up on my monthly posts. I know I just posted about seven months, but he hasn't grown quite THAT quickly.

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