Four Months of Alder*

I remember saying at the time that if I could give birth to a four month old I would. Not in terms of size (yikes), but in terms of development. I loved when we realized that Alder was no longer a newborn and was a full blown baby. At this point, his toes were his most prized possession. Who needs beautiful toys when you can plop plump little piggies in your mouth? Duh.

Please forgive the grain in the shot. It's quite hard to catch a moving baby in a house that gets very little natural light, as it turns out. But, I love this photo despite the less-than-stellar quality because of his expression and his toe love.

*Okay, so he's more than twice this age now, but I am determined to catch up on this monthly series before his first year is up. Brace yourself, these monthly posts are about to become weekly.