Halloween of My Dreams

I know most of you have moved on from pumpkins to turkeys already, but stick with me for a day or two. I'm just not quite finished with October yet. I love Halloween. I know everyone may not, but cute kids in costumes? I mean, c'mon! However, I get a little sad because in our area there just aren't that many kids out trick or treating anymore. Most kids go to the mall or some sort of trunk or treat. This year, we took matters into our own hands and searched out a pocket of Halloween magic in our town. We went to my favorite part of town where there are old houses with their front porches all decked out, tree-lined streets and young families with cute costumes everywhere we turned. The sidewalks are so packed that there are people walking in the streets. It is seriously like something out of a movie. I was giddy the entire time we were there. It poured most of the day, but brightened up just before we started out. Speaking of storms, here is ours. This was a last-minute thing that my husband suggested. Our son is pretty good at giving a stern look and tearing up whatever he can, so a thunderstorm seemed like a fitting costume. And, just for fun, our dogs Luke and Leia in their namesake homemade costumes. And yes, my husband is quite the Star Wars fan. Better the dogs than our son.