July in Photos

We got pretty serious about fun in July. I can say that I made good on this promise to myself. There was much made of pool time, mom/kiddo play dates, ice cream eating and iced latte drinking. Of course, there was also a good mix of crying and whining (from the baby, of course...) and a little stress here and there, but I like to focus on the positive. And, there was a lot of positive to be had. Can every month be a summer month?1 // Out-of-focus firework display from the Fourth 2 // Mom...I mean kid...play dates are the best. I never thought I'd be the kind of person to be into that sort of thing, but we sort of stumbled into hanging out one day, and our group has stuck and grown. It's nice to meet moms that are also genuine, talented, creative and hilarious. 3 // Looking in on the girls having a cute moment playing. Also, I wish this were my room as a child. It's pretty magical. 4 // Another play date. Ice cream and babies in a forest. I mean, why not? 5 // Curious about greenery lately. 6 // Soren, his stick and his wobbly walking legs. 7 // These little red overalls are killing me lately. Watch out ladies, Alder is in on this summer trend. 8 // That hat.