Style on Repeat: Mad for Hats

The search for a black or neutral colored hat has been an elusive one. I have a growing collection of hats I've mostly thrifted or found at vintage/flea shops, but I've never been able to come across a black one that I love. Recently, I decided to give up on my thriftier ways and invest in one. I fell in love with a black Rag & Bone one (No. 1), but it was out of my budget. Then, the rabbit hole of internet shopping began and I came up with so many options that I thought I'd share my sources in case anyone else was suffering from such a hat *ailment* as mine. There's a high and low mix of fedora and Indiana Jones-esque styles.

Sidenote: does anyone else do that, the crazy search thing? Due to my obsessive tendencies I can't just find one or two options. Nooooo. I have to come up with 20 different options and debate the merits of each for a month before I can finally make a decision. Well, the decision was finally made and I ended up with the black Pendleton hat (No. 8), and I will say that I am quite content.

1-Black Rag & Bone Hat // 2-Indiana Jones Hat // 3-Grey Vintage Pendleton Hat // 4-Tweed Vintage Pendleton Hat // 5-Henry Jones Hat // 6-Janessa Leone Hat // 7-Olive Rag & Bone Hat // 8-Black Pendleton Hat