Mara Dawn for Society6

Have you ever came across a product on Pinterest that you wanted to know the source of, only to click through and find that it is on Tumblr and you know you'll never find the original source, or that the store that once carried it has long been out of stock? Argh. Well, the other day I noticed that the iPhone case design that I designed as a personal project had been pinned a decent number of times. That inspired me to get my act together and go ahead and open a Society6 store, called Mara Dawn Graphic Goods, in case there is anyone out there giving me the stink eye for showing off a product on Pinterest that was a purchasing dead end. In addition to the original design (with a few tweaks), I've added a black and white version because, if you you know me at all, you know I love neutrals and monochrome. There are iPhone/iPad cases in the Modern Native designs, as well as other goods such as prints and stationary.

I've actually had a lot of fun putting together the shop, so I may add some prints and other case designs in the future.