Monthly Motto: Work Over Weariness

Recently, I've had to make some excuses that I've had regrets about. I sent an email response in which I linked to my current online portfolio, linked to a blog post and attached pdf portfolio of work not yet uploaded. Hello, confusion. My portfolio and site still aren't finished, after a full year people! Each time I start to make progress, I inevitably have client work or life gets in the way. I'm not complaining about that, let's be clear. I love having work to do for clients, and I also love my personal and family time. However, there have been more than a few nights I've chosen to be an amoeba on the couch instead of putting in the hard work and additional hours to get my own identity work finished up.

My goal for September is to squash that regret. With fall starting back up, I've gotten in a back-to-school mode where it feels like it's time to put my head down and get some major work done. Is anyone else in this mode right now as well? Hopefully, with some major dedication, I'll be mostly regret-free come October. And, I hope you hold me accountable. Please, ask me later how my portfolio is coming along. I could use some tough love! Now excuse me while I get off the internets and into some branding work.

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