Mood Board: Restoration + Relaxation

I'm longing to hop on a plane to the Mediterranean after working on this mood board for a new massage therapy business identity. White washing, bright aquas and sun are calling my name. The three Santorini images above from Tiny Atlas and are leaving me incredibly inspired by their beautiful tones.

The owner of the massage therapy business has a very strong Bohemian/Eastern aesthetic and loves jewel tones like plum, peacock blue and ruby red. We wanted to incorporate her signature style, but also tone down the color palette to be more visually soothing. We decided to go simply with Peacock blue, white and black. I'm also mixing in some Mediterranean-inspired structured tile patterns and watercolor brushstrokes. I'll share the final identity soon.

Lantern + By the Pool + Finley & Alice + Moroccan Tile + Brushstroke Type + Water + Building + Black & White Illustration