My Great 8 of 2013

For me, 2013 was a pretty great year. There were ups and downs, but I really can't complain overall. I started my own business, spent more time with my son and committed to this little blog. I have been considering posting about some of my favorites from the past year, but wasn't sure I would have enough that I really loved. When I looked into the archives and a good amount of posts and projects that had almost slipped my mind.

It's sort of surprising when you have tangible evidence of the work you've done over a year. These, that I'm calling my great 8 of 2013, are some of my very favorites for aesthetics, thoughts and sentiment. For those of you that tuned in later in the year, I hope you find something that you might enjoy.

1-A Sentimental Skirt is the best kind of skirt. Thanks Grandma. 2-The First Birthday Party Invites I designed. 3-My iPhone Case Designs at Society6. 4-Twelve Months of Alder, Seven Months is my favorite. 5-Wise Words, thoughts on joy and happiness. 6-My son's Ice Cream Social First Birthday Party 7-Gone crafty with a Half Moon Garland DIY. 8-Western Wear for an Everlasting Apparel Guest Post over at Hanna's Places.