November in Photos

I should probably re-title this post to read "When We Got Outside" instead of "November." I had the best intentions of visually documenting the food, family and festivities of Thanksgiving. But, I put aside (okay forgot) my camera and ended up just plain enjoying the experiences firsthand. Sometimes it's better that way anyhow. I did at least capture a few good outside moments on unseasonably warm November days. With all the family in town, my husband and I got away for enough time to get in a morning trail run. It was brisk and invigorating. I sometimes forget how much natural beauty is right outside our door. We've had some sickness in our house recently. On one particularly feverish day, on a whim, we got ourselves outside for some ice cream and park time. The day completely turned itself around from there. This month was all about grabbing hold of life at unexpected times and turning those times into a glimmer of hope and sunshine.

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