October in Photos

October is one of my very favorite months. Changing trees, birthdays of family and friends, fall parties and Halloween. I'm a bit sad to see it go. My husband's birthday was mid-month. We have a tradition of making each other breakfast for birthdays. I wish I'd photographed them all through the years, but I think I'm going to start now. I made him a stack of pumpkin pancakes with maple pecan syrup this year. We took a quick girl's trip to Kansas City for a few concerts. This is a quick photo from a vintage store we visited. All that leopard print and hand-painted type caught my eye. I was set on painting my pumpkins this year until I discovered white ornamental pumpkins at our local natural foods market. They are quite the beauties. My friend, Michelle, got this pretty HRUSKAA air plant hanger for my birthday. Let's hope the poor plant survives my black thumb. We are trying to get more into holiday traditions now that we have a child and visited the pumpkin patch. Sadly, it was mostly dead by the time we got there, but there were a few big ones left. Here's a vignette from around my house this month. I know everyone's talking about it already, but I'm still going to say that Kinfolk's new cookbook is gorgeous. This was another nice birthday gift. I hope your October was a nice one.

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