Oh, Hello There

I wasn't actually planning on a baby post, but as I was importing a few photos from the hospital onto my computer I just couldn't resist editing and posting a few. Meet Orion August, born on February 12th, 2015. We finally decided on a first name only a few weeks prior to his birth. My husband loves the mythical reference, and I love the way it pairs with his brother's name, Alder. His middle name is a family name and is the same as my grandpa's. This little guy was two weeks early and threw us for a bit of a surprise. Of course, I went into labor in the evening when my husband was on a very short one day business trip. It was pretty much a scene out of a movie where the husband barely makes it in time. I won't be sharing a full birth story here, but I will say that it was quick, intense and joyful. It was also quite a relief considering that our first child's birth was long, stressful and ended in a c-section. For any of you out there who've had a c-section once, don't lose hope. Everything that happened with the first did not happen with the second. Hooray for second chances! Ever since he's entered the world, this guy has been easy-going and pretty much a contented little dream. I think it's part his good nature and part that we actually have a bit of a clue as to what we're doing this time around. Things are crazy with two kids (as evidenced by my lack of posting until now), but also crazy good. If you'd like to see more baby spam, I tend to post more baby-related photos on my Instagram feed.

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