September in Photos

The months of September and October are my favorite two of the year. They're also quite full for us with birthdays and work, etc. As much as I love September, I don't have many photos as we spent much of it just living life. A lot of the month was spent splitting time between work and dedicating more time to our little family unit. Here are a few of the highlights though. Remember my words for September about work over weariness? Well, I'm not finished with my site quite yet, but I've made a definite dent in sprucing my blog and website up. I've added social media icons, an updated color palette and a little more work to the portfolio section. Progress! On a recent weekend, we took a trip to our city's annual Cider Days. It's a fun little tradition that I enjoy even more now that I have a kiddo to experience it with. And friends. My friend Michelle, in the photo above, is goofy and fun and awesome to go to events like this with. Ironically, and unfortunately, no actual cider was consumed at Cider Days by us. We chose a snow cone instead. Maybe that should be against the rules, but it was just too darn hot. Oh, and this sneaky guy. It was my birthday this month. My husband always tries to keep the plans for my birthday a secret. He did an exceptional job this year and took the afternoon off. We had a picnic in the park and went to a few thrift shops. My mom also made a tasty mocha layer cake. I wish I had gotten a photo it was so good. My monthly photo series wouldn't be complete without baby photos. And baby shoes. They get me every time. You'll just have to deal with it.

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