Singapore Part 1: Art + Architecture

I went halfway across the world because of a fireworks package label. True story. Here's how it goes: my husband won a design contest for a fireworks packaging design at his agency (also my former employer). He ended up picking Singapore from the places available, and I met him out there after the business portion of his trip was over. I'll be making a mini-series out of it and sharing the photos from our trip from time to time on the blog.

I thought I'd first share about the architecture of the city because it's one of the things that stood out to me most. I realize that as I get older I sort of geek out about the architecture in different cities. It's another art form to appreciate, so why not?! In Singapore, I was surprised with how highly urbanized the city/state was and how modern and unique some of the structures were there. We visited the ArtScience Museum, which looks like a ultra modern lotus flower. An elevator at ground level brings you up to the top and the museum is actually in the elevated area. At the museum we saw the Art of the Brick Exhibition. Both the dinosaur and swimmer are two pieces from the exhibit made entirely out of legos. It was an impressive exhibit, especially for my lego loving husband. The Marina Bay Sands was quite the structure. The fancy hotel infinity pool/observation deck on top sort of looks like a surfboard accidentally landed on three towers, no? Looking down from the observation deck on the Marina Bay Sands is (from left to right): the Louis Vuitton store, the ArtScience Museum, the Theatres by the Bay (the two round domes) and The Float field. The Gardens by the Bay from above. I'll share more about our trip there later. The Helix bridge was a fun bit of twisted metal that reminded me of DNA strands. A view of all the ships, as far as the eye can see, in one of the world's busiest ports, the Port of Singapore. There's so much more architecture to see there, but these were a few of my favorites.