Singapore Part 2: Pulau Ubin

When I first imagined traveling to Singapore, I envisioned lush flora and fauna and exotic wildlife. I quickly realized Singapore's small footprint means it is mostly taken up by concrete and towering buildings. Luckily, we found a tiny refuge from the concrete jungle for a morning. An art director and nature enthusiast at the Singapore advertising agency my husband was visiting took us on a getaway to a little island just off Singapore's coast called Pulau Ubin. We hopped on a small, old bumboat that ferried us to the island. As it churned across the aquamarine waters it seemed to slowly transport us back in time.

Once on the island, we rode around in a small submarine yellow bus. I'm convinced it came from the Lost set. We rode and walked along the nature path. From the lookout, our guide told us we were looking across at Malaysia (I believe, geography is not my strong suit). Living in a very landlocked state, it amazes me to be standing in one country and be able to view an entirely different country. The mangrove trees and all their gnarly roots were weirdly beautiful. Some wild boars and babes trotted right past us. I subsequently trotted quickly to a high bench to stand on. This is one of the last surviving kampong houses in Singapore. Unfortunately, many of the island tenants were scheduled for eviction by the government when we were visiting. It was nice to see a slice in time that doesn't seem like it will remain much longer.