Singapore Part 3: Indonesia

As much as I seriously love the Midwest, I don't always love being completely landlocked. It's not a quick trip to anywhere with a sandy beach and aqua waters. It's unfathomable to me that a beach—and a trip to another country—could be just an hour ferry ride away. When we were in Singapore and looking to travel away few days, some locals suggested a weekend getaway to Indonesia. It was beautiful and quiet, which made it a perfect respite from the bustle of Singapore. My husband surprised me with a room with beach view. This is the first time in our marriage where we've gotten a room with a view. We must be adults. That palm tree. It must have quite the core strength to lean like that. Lily pads and quiet cabins. Ummm...huts. We're not in Missouri anymore. Our last morning there, we spotted a fisherman silhouetted in the morning light with rays of sun surrounding him. There was something quite magical about the moment.

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