Style by Sunday: Drippity Drop

This year, June Gloom has apparently decided to trade places with Missouri's typical Blazing August. Around here, it feels like a weird Spring-Fall hybrid with all the torrential downpours we've been experiencing. Graphic black and white patterns are my way of spicing up these grey days (I know, I'm wild). Let's talk about these shoes. Since my feet grew an entire shoe size during pregnancy, I have been without a pair of black flats for a year now. Since I've had to rebuild my entire shoe closet, I've been thinking a lot about slowing growing a small collection of well-crafted shoes rather than a bunch of cheap ones that will quickly wear out (although, I did purchase a leopard pair this past year, so I am far from being beyond the trendy impulse purchase, don't you worry). All that to say, I've been holding out for the right pair. I came across a Rachel Comey pair the other day on super sale, so I took the plunge. I've always admired her work, and the quality and craftsmanship is pretty amazing. Apparently, amazing enough for me to do a kick and deem it fitting to share on this blog. Oy. Here's the story on this tote bag. I got it a few years back because it has a line from a Stevie Nicks song. If you know me or have read in this space before, I am a huge Stevie Nicks fan. If you put a lyric of hers on just about anything I would buy it. Stevie Nicks beanie baby? Stevie Nicks fanny pack? Stevie Nicks scrunchie? Sold! Sold! Sold! One last bit. It's been a little while since I've last shared a style post. My original intent in this column was to help push me to not fall into the mom trap of yoga pants and ponytails. But, to be honest, I struggle with it for a few reasons. First, I feel more comfortable behind the camera than I do in front of it. I don't often take self-portraits and consider myself to be one of the least photogenic people I know. I say this not to evoke sympathy, but rather to be real that it all feels a bit silly to me. For example, when looking for a location to shoot, I try to find one where absolutely no one can see me from the road. Ironic, considering I'm putting the photos on the internet for any and all to see if they wish, right? Also, considering I am drawn towards more neutrals and simplicity, I don't feel like my style is really daring enough to be internet worthy (although my thighs would probably consider these graphic pants pretty daring). However, I've come to the conclusion that I need to probably put these second guesses on hold. I consider style to be just another avenue of creative self-expression. That's an avenue I want to keep being creative in, so I will continue with this series for the time being, awkward facial expressions and all.

Marimekko Umbrella, Similar // Gap geometric pants // Fieldguided Tote, Similar // Low Luv by Erin Wasson Ring // Rachel Comey Fero Sandal