Style by Sunday No 6: A Sentimental Skirt

My grandmother was a tiny firecracker. She wasn't even five feet tall, but her sass and wit made her larger than life. She was fierce, funny and a role model of mine growing up. She was an orphan who grew up to go to a Harvard-affiliated hospital for nursing, served in World War II, won many awards for service in her community and helped raised some of my family members beyond her own children. I bet you're wondering what this has to do with a style post? This skirt is from her house. I found it years ago when we were cleaning out her things after she had a stroke. It's a strange seventies mystery material that's a bit too shiny. But, it reminds me of her. So, I wear it anyway. It's sort of got a marbling look to it. Which, I hear is a trend. I'm sure she'd just cackle if I could tell her she was on trend today. Of course, the hem on the skirt had to be adjusted. I am not tall by any means, but I always towered like a giant above her. She was a good one, that woman. A small woman with a big heart. It makes me happy to put on something that once belonged to her.

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