Style by Sunday: Pale Rose

I'm starting a new semi-regular series on the blog called Style by Sunday. Can you guess what it's about? I'm all about mystery over here. I'm quickly learning that the combination of working from home while caring for a child means the nicer pieces in my closet don't get a whole lot of action. Before I had a child, I scoffed at the mothers in yoga pants. Those are still banned from my closet, but there have been more than a few days that I've convinced myself that leggings, do in fact, qualify as pants. Oy. Anyhow, since Sunday is a day that I have extra hands to help in the morning, it's a good day to dust off a few old fashion favorites and challenge myself to be more creative with my wardrobe. I'm not an über fashionista, and I prefer to be behind the lens, so this will be an interesting experiment.

Looking at this photos from this week I realized I've got a bit of Stevie Nicks going on with the knit and flowing skirt. She's one of my fashion icons, so I'm okay with this. Also, I'm not normally a pink person, but I'm newly obsessed with rose gold. I'm especially loving thin rose gold rings and my stud earrings from A Merry Mishap. They are pretty and about as baby proof as jewelry can be. Speaking of babies, I'm starting to see hints of a little man brewing about.