Style by the Fourth No. 4

I'm cheating a little bit here. I said these style posts would be about style and they'd be about Sundays. To be honest, this one's more about the park and swings, than it is style. And it was on the Fourth, a Thursday. Shameful! But, we were in a car driving on Sunday, so you'll just have to cut me a break, mkay? Anyhow, on the holiday we took a trip over to a cute, quaint little park that is about as Americana as it gets. The boy is quite into swings at the moment. And crawling all over grass and trying to eat wood chips. That too. As I dressed us for the day, I knew I was a full-on mom. You know you've got it bad when you end up in color-coordinating outfits. Let's talk about this chambray dress for a minute, shall we? I live in this thing. I got it a few years back from UO and it's so easy to wear with just about anything. Just add Saltwaters and you have easy Americana. Boom.

Panama Hat, similar // Chambray dress, similar // Red Saltwater Sandals // Striped Baggu Bag