Style on Repeat: A Casual Statement

I'm a creature of comfort. As much as I love dresses and skirts, I think I feel most myself in jeans and a casual t-shirt. I've been trying to slowly weed out some of my old and/or embarrassing (I have one of a Cardinal dunking a basketball???) t-shirts for some that have some style to them. Here are a few favorites that I've come across lately. The simple, bold statement tee may be a trend, but I think it'll suit my lifestyle for a good long while.

Also, I've noticed I have a knack, or some may call it obsession, for coming up with style posts of many similar things. I'm just going to make it official and start a new series called Style on Repeat. See a similar Style on Repeat post about wide brimmed hats here.

1-Midwest Tee | 2-Madewell Bien Fait Sweatshirt | 3-New York Times Tee | 4-The Mixtapes Cassette Tee | 5-Culture Flock One Man Bandit Tee | 6-Stay Home Club Recluse Baseball Tee | 7-Madewell Paris Tee | 8-Sincerely Jules Dream Believe Achieve Sweatshirt