Ten Months of Alder

This was the month that ended a mother's dreams. Photographically, at least. Before having a baby, I knew I wanted to capture monthly photos. I remember thinking, "Why does everyone photograph babies in a chair? It's so much easier to see their growth when they're laying down." Turns out, those other mothers knew better. The laying down thing worked great the first few months, but every month it's gotten more and more difficult. He's been sitting up for months now, but this month he decided he was absolutely through with laying down. There were many tears until we changed our photographic arrangement to sitting up. Although, he was not still for long in that position either, as evidenced by the blurry nature of this photograph. As for ten months, let's talk about this tongue. It's always out, especially when he's concentrating. He's a mini Michael Jordan. Also, the toe curled up? Yes, please. His toes are constantly curled like that. I love finding out the little quirks that make each baby unique.

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