Twelve Months of Alder

Well friends, we made it! We (and he) survived the first year, thankfully. I would insert a celebratory party horn emoji here if I were writing this post on my phone. It's hard for me to believe that we have fed, clothed and taken care of a tiny human being for a year now. It is a known fact that babies grow quickly, but still I look back a bit in disbelief at Month 1 as he looks so very tiny. It all feels so short and yet as if it has been this way all along.

Lately, I've been holding him a little tighter and rocking him a little longer because I know the days of him being small will pass quickly. This year has been both incredibly tough and beyond amazing in ways I can never fully articulate. I am so thankful to God for putting this intense and energetic little boy in our lives.

I have been excited to have a baby for so long, but honestly have been scared of what is beyond babyhood as I've never been great around kids. However, I find myself surprisingly excited about the next year to see him as he becomes even more interactive and see his personality unwrap. And, I'm sure plenty of blocks, planes, trains, dirt and messes will also be a big part of it too. This wraps up this monthly series, but I'll still share photos of the boy from time to time. Thanks for following along on our little journey.

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