Wise Words for July

I have a confession: I'm that girl on Pinterest. You know, the one who pins just about every inspirational quote she can get her mouse over? Yep, guilty. In an effort of self-betterment and also as a design exercise, I've decided to take one particular quote I find that resonates and make it my motto for the month. So, this is the first in a new monthly series called Wise Words. For the first installment, I've been thinking a lot recently about simply having fun. Maybe it's the warm weather, or the fact that I'm finally coming out from under the total life domination of having a young baby, but I've been itching to get out and enjoy the beautiful life that I've been blessed by God with. Sometimes I get so caught up in adult responsibilities like working and mothering and organizing and cleaning and cooking that I leave so little time to celebrate. I say no to anything that wasn't on my to-do list to check off. I've been spending a lot of time lately with one of my closest and lifelong friends, Michelle (who has a lovely mom/life blog you should check out), remedying that. For this month, I am saying yes. Yes to soaking up the summer with sun, pool time, walks, baby dates, a few parties and friend get-togethers. Bring it on, summertime.