A Simplified Closet

Currently, my closet it a hot mess. There is a huge pile of clothes on the floor that I believe my son thinks is his personal mountain/play fort. Instead of scaring you with the current state of my closet, I'm showing a few favorite things from my closet I'm wearing over and over. For a few months now, I've been thinking about simplifying what I wear. Madelynn's A Perfect Wardrobe series and Cuyana's Lean Closet series have both been good reads that left me feeling inspired. I want to make dressing a more enjoyable rather than stressful experience. I think a new book we're reading on excess in our girls' group is now putting me over the edge (we can only wear 7 pieces of clothing for 2 weeks-yikes!). I've also been thinking about challenging myself to downsize my consumption of fast fashion and increase my support of independent designers and makers. Since I've become a freelance designer, I've felt a strange (but good) new personal responsibility to support other people designing out there in various forms, including fashion. I know I'm not going to be perfect at this and it's not for everyone, but I'm going to give it a try!

A few of my closet goals:

-Cull my closet down to what I really wear, being honest about what fits and what doesn't -Donate clothing that doesn't work -Better organize my closet -Further define my style and color palette -Slowly incorporate more pieces by individuals and designers