Birthday Party Crowns for A Subtle Revelry

I'm back today with an exciting announcement and a fun party DIY. I alluded to it in this Wise Words post, but I'm a new contributor for the blog, A Subtle Revelry! Victoria shares a lot of great party crafts, DIYs and food ideas. I love her descriptor: merrymaking the everyday. This collaboration is a new challenge for me as I'm often party planning and crafting at the very last possible second. Maybe it'll force me to get my act together and plan ahead more this year. Fingers crossed.

Anyhow, my first post is up today, and I'm sharing how to make gold and silver pom pom birthday party crowns. Check out this birthday crowns post to see more photos and a full tutorial.

Also, a special thanks to Jenn Fortner and Michelle Houghton for letting my crafty little crowns grace your gorgeous heads.