Free to Be Freelance

Well, I've gone and finally done it. I've decided to make good on all those those inspiring Pinterest quotes and take a risk. I quit my day job as an art director at an advertising agency almost two months ago. I know, this is old news now, but like I said, I was taking a break. Here's the story: after returning from maternity leave this past fall, I decided to go from full-time to part-time. As I went part-time, I had people asking me to do more and more freelance work. I found myself working almost full-time and hit a breaking point where I didn't want to wait any longer to try out the freelance life. As the kids say, yolo. So, I sped some plans up and just decided it was time to jump.

So far, I have been blessed with a pretty full workload without doing much to promote myself (again, back to that break thing). My life and the blended line of work and home is chaotic, but it is one worth tackling. So far I'm ecstatic to spend time my boy and also do creative work that I'm excited about. So, if you need any branding, design, etc. here is my first stab at self-promotion. Please get in touch!

Photo credit: Michael Dockery