Half Moon Garland DIY

I'm not really a glitter girl. I don't sport much of the stuff in day to day life. However, I believe there's a time and place for just about everything. Bachelorette parties, New Year's, birthday parties? Well then, pour me a glass of those sparkly flecks of celebration. My friend Jenn recently gave me an early birthday gift in a glitter bag. The rest of the weekend, I found glitter all over: on my hands, on the seat of my car, etc. It reminded me of her and made me laugh a bit.

Today I'm sharing today one of the garland pieces that I made, with glitter ribbon, for my son's birthday party. It turns out that glitter ribbon holds a special place in my lazy/time-strapped heart. That's because the key to making this garland quickly is the stapler. The glitter ribbon hides the staples so you don't have to cover them up. I have bought a surprising amount of the ribbon for the last few parties we've thrown. I may buy stock in glitter ribbon, if such a thing exists.


1. Cardstock or scrapbooking paper 2. Circle cutter. I used this Martha Stewart Circle Cutter.* 3. Scissors 4. 1-2 rolls of glitter ribbon. I purchased mine from Michael's 5. Stapler

*This is the method I chose, but there are various ways you could cut the circles. You could also trace using a circle stencil, geometry compass or protractor and then simply cut them out with scissors.


1. Cut circles out of cardstock with the circle cutter, or desired method. I wanted large circles so I used the largest circle setting. 2. Cut all circles in half. 3. Cut glitter ribbon to desired length. 4. Place ribbon on top of half circle and staple each end of circle to ribbon. I found it helps to leave a few feet of glitter ribbon on either end of garland for easy hanging. 5. Alternate colors and staple circles about 1-1/2 to 2 inches from one another. 6. Hang and enjoy your glittery circle glory.