Marbled Paper Garland DIY

I would marble just about everything in my house right now, if my husband would allow it. I've been into it for a good while. And, by into it, I mean looking at marbled objects and swooning over them. However, after creating this Marbled Paper Garland DIY for the A Subtle Revelry blog I'm afraid I'm going to have to stop swooning and actually make (way too many) marbled objects. It's way easier than I thought, my friends.

I'm pretty in love with how this garland turned out. Marbling is one of those things that is very experimental. I had planned on the marbling being navy blue with a bit of pale pink and a lot of peach. The navy blue turned more cobalt/indigo in the water and the pink was much brighter. However, it's still one of my favorite garlands ever. I love how it's a more grown up garland in that it looks more like an art piece or mobile. I'm actually considering turning it into a mobile to hang in our home if I can get my act together and find a place for it.

This marbled paper garland was created with nail polish. It's great because you can pretty much make it with items you already have at home versus buying fancy art supplies. However, be careful with the fumes. I was wearing a mask while creating the marbled paper. My friend, Michelle, asked if I was making meth a la Breaking Bad. Score two points for Michelle. No meth, but I do recommend a breathing mask.

Want to see more photos? Seriously, you need to see the photos of the marbling. Check out the: full marbled paper garland DIY post over at A Subtle Revelry.