Shifting focus: goals reflection


Here’s a little confession, there’s one goal I kept secret in my goal setting post from last year. It didn’t directly have to do with my business, yet took up a lot of my mental energy. In August of this past year, my husband actually left his advertising job—much like I did over 5 years ago—in order to go freelance. Woo! And, gulp. Up until last year we’d always had his salary as a steady stream of income, which was nice as my freelance income often fluctuates. Halfway through the year, my business became our steadiest source of income. Which is both an awesome and slightly terrifying feeling. I sweated a lot this year.

Much of 2018 felt like I was either preparing for that big change or adjusting to the shift in the routines of our everyday lives after it happened. I let some goals and focus waver as we shifted routines and responsibilities. But, I did still work on my goals as much as I could, with a full recap list below with the lessons I’ve been learning.

Beyond just goals, in general, it really was a good year. The part about last year that I’m most thankful for are the clients I got to work with. I designed for a clean beauty company, lifestyle bloggers, an app company, an intimate wellness company, a nutritionist, a photographer, women with a publishing course, and more. I felt more aligned in client work than any other year and finding purpose through the companies I work with has been significant. My newly freelance self five years ago would have been proud, and slightly jealous. It also feels good to look back and see how goals from a past year (#4) are positively affecting my work now.

1-Focus, Focus, Focus

50/50 success. I’ve gotten better at things like maintaining inbox zero, making to-do lists and checking off short-term priority items, especially thanks to my favorite planner. However, my focus with long-term projects definitely wavered. I still struggled with accomplishing larger projects. I’m learning I need to break down large projects into smaller goals and set a timeline.

2-Do An Interview/Podcast

Yep. What’s the only thing better than doing a podcast? Doing a podcast where your two hilarious friends are the hosts! Listen to the podcast episode by Shailey and Katie. The thing I’m learning: it’s good to do something even if you don’t view it as a personal strength. Again, I sweated a lot that day.

3-Consistent Social Sharing

Nope, I’m still bad at this, guys. Copy and paste to 2019. The thing I’m learning: it’s ok to focus on different things during different seasons. Maybe I’ll get better during a season of less upheaval. Maybe I won’t.

4-Launch An E-Course Related To Design

Nope. This was probably my biggest failure this year. I tend to be both a researcher and perfectionist. I can spend too much time wrapped up coming up with the *best* solution instead of finishing something that is good enough. I’ve been reading/listening to a lot of Seth Godin’s work lately and it’s inspiring me to conquer my fears around shipping things, especially when it comes to big projects.

5-Meet My Financial Goal

Yes/no. I didn’t reach my original financial goal but I did increase my income by 20% so I’m pretty satisfied with that. What I’m learning: set more realistic, achievable goals.

6-Finish Out My Website

Not finished, but I did made progress. I’ve been slowly adding more depth as I have small pockets of time. I’ve been photographing many projects and am starting to add more project detail to my site.

7-Be More Present (At Work And Home)

This year, I’ve realized this will always be a fluctuating goal I can never quite attain to my satisfaction. I don’t think there’s truly a balance of being perfectly present in both work and home. I did make progress in making the workweek more work-focused and putting aside work—for the most part—on nights and weekends. The general framework is there, but I’m trying to be tender with myself when the boundaries fluctuate.   

Thanks for reading about some of the successes and failures of 2018. If you can’t get enough of goals, here are quick links to my 2018 goal setting and my 2017 goals recap.